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Dizzy Bassist !

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Irishbass, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. I am a busy bassist working with about 3 different bands, I also have a day job. My gigging means I play an average of 3-4 nights every week...more during summer. I sometimes get bad spells of dizziness when I am on stage right in the middle of a gig. I have been to my doctor and had all the important tests done including brainscan, bloodtests etc and there is nothing seriously wrong with me. He thinks I am probably over doing it with work and playing gigs ( and a busy little 2 year old daughter) plus I may have a problem with vertigo which can be severe when it occours. My question is this, can anyone else relate to this?, I would like to hear if anyone else suffers from this as it can make life hell when it happens and can ruin a good night. The only cure is to get a stool and sit down. I have had to do this many times but sometimes I might get caught out if the venue I'm playing doesnt have a bar stool. If I could find a nice handy lightweight folding stool with reasonable height ( like bar stool height) I would bring one along in the car for the times when I need to sit down, any recommendations there would also be appreciated.
    Regards to all from Ireland.
  2. Cut down on the Guiness :D

    nah im just kidding, but seriously whats your diet like?

    A very active lifestile + plus an inproper diet can be hazardess to your health
  3. Murf


    Mar 28, 2001
    YAAAY another Paddy on the boards. :bassist:

    I gig 4 nights a week and then cover various sessions as well and it's very easy to slip into the trap of skipping meals or eating on the go from one gig to the next, the body can only take that for so long till you crash and burn. So make sure to sort out your diet and get adequate sleep (oh yeah and watch the gargle during gigs as well thats another killer).

    (Another cause could be bad air conditioning and really hot stage lights, I've had my share of this over the years and it can get so bad you feel like your gonna pass out, a handy solution is to get yourself a portable fan and have it on stage with you).

    best of luck.
  4. how much sleep do you get at night? how healthy are you eating?
    those are two things that will affect you...
    i know the diet can really ahve a huge effect, because i used to have that problem back in High School...i would get really dizzy and couldn't concentrate almost everyday at ten o'clock in the morning...i also never ate breakfast, so i would start eating a bagal from the cafeteria around then (i had a study hall) and i would feel much better!
  5. I know I'm definately not getting enough sleep so thats a killer. My diet is pretty good and I wouldnt be a huge drinker either. Funny thing about this dizziness is that when it is particularly bad I also suffer from really bad back pain in my lower back and even my legs hurt which is another reason for needing to sit down during a long gig. By the way I'm 38 so not a kid but not ready to retire either! Thanks for the info on the musicians stool, it looks the perfect thing for bringing to a gig and I will follow that one up for sure!