Do any of you play bass as a lead instrument.

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    And no, playing way up on your 3 extra high strings, and doing long strings of harmonics does not count.
    So, is there anyone left?? ;)

  2. Yes, there are those of us who do. I've attached a short one. It is called We're Outta Here! A trombone quartet accompanies the "lead" bass. I also played all the trombone parts. This is just the head, no solos. I don't know what type of music you are interested in, but it certainly is not unheard of for the bass to be the lead in jazz, and others. Frank

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  3. I think i do lol. If you check out my YouTube page nephilymbass1 look for the Nephilym song "another day". On that song during the verse the guitar is doing what i call arpeggiating a chord while the bass takes the melody. Its a very simple line, basically while the guitar is playing a chord I'm playing the open d string along with f,g#, and A at the 11th,13th, and 14th frets on the g string then when the chord changes i pluck through a chord. In a lot of Nephilym songs the bass takes more of a lead role on the bridge of the song. I have a lot of fun playing that way. I try to have my own style which is a variation on that sorta vibe mixed with tradition "meat and potatoes" type playing. The song "carpet burn" has a similar vibe to the verse of another day. I'm just hitting an open a to have low end and playing the melody high up the d and g strings. But yeah just about every song with the band has me playing something tasteless during the bridge of the song if nothing else. If I'm not playing melody way up the neck i could be slapping like i do on the bridge to "Bow Down" or something.

    Btw don't let the picture of my 7 string trick you. All those songs on my YouTube page were recorded with standard tuned 5 strings. The album pandoras lullaby is a warwick thumb bolt on 5, and another day is a warwick thumb neck through 5. I do add to those parts with the 7 now. So that line with the open d and the 11,13, and 14th frets. With my 7 (which is tuned f#-c) i add a third on top of the high notes on the high C string. So it's like I'm playing thirds f#and A, g# and b, and a and c# while hitting the open d
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    I tend to do a lot of lead parts on bass. Often, I find myself having to carry the melody.
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    I take solos... the old bass player was too showy and I play the songs as he did, ironically I hate doing it and don't think the bass player should be taking solos...
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    If it fits I will, and if not, I won't. That simple :D
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    I play in a mostly originals band. There aren't any signiture riffs to learn, I get to make up my own signature riffs.I feel like I'm playing lead all night. Think about it... I hit the root note to lead the group, follow the melody and or lead singer with the rest of my line (McCartney like). Every once in a while the lead guitar will ask if I want take a solo. I'm like, no thanks, I'm soloing all night! :cool:
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    I play in an instrumental fusion group. For a long time, it was just a guitar/bass/drums trio, and I really *had* to solo in order to have a soloist besides the guitar. We recently added a keyboard player and I plan to solo a lot less.

    I once got "hired" (as in "joined an originals band") specifically to solo. They wanted me on lead bass, and this other, more traditional player, on "regular bass". That band was fairly successful (locally) and laid the ground work for my current band.

    Oddly enough, I've also backed up two different singer-songwriters who were strictly rhythm guitar players, and, in lieu of a lead guitarist, wanted a bass player that could solo.
  10. I would say yes, certainly compared to the rhythm guitarist. I have a role which is like bassist/beat keeper and 2nd lead guitar IMO.