Do EBS cabinets have much or any coloration?

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  1. Hello, I'm currently planing my next rig upgrade and decided I wanted to use the Pod HD Pro amp modeler as my preamp and use a 800 Watt bridged power amp, but I need a cabinet that doesn't color as my Pod will be emulating a cab anyway.
    So do they color and if they do can I have any suggestions as alternatives, and please don't suggest PA's unless they in a normal looking cabinet, It may sound dumb but I want my rig to look Like a normal rig.

    Cheers, Sam.
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    All cabs add color. No such thing as a "colorless" cab.
  3. Yes but there have to be cabs with less colouring than others and heard EBS cabs were like that and was wondering about people's experences with them.
  4. My mate with an AxeFX for guitar is getting the new Atomic CLR. Works for bass too. You can get them in cab or wedge format. Full range flat response, powered 700W(?). It's designed for what you're asking for.

    Breaks tradition so there's plenty of nay-sayers. Think Bergantino IP series....
  5. If I was you I'd go down to Bass Gear Direct in Sydney and go listen to the Euphonic Audio, Glockenklang and Bergantino speaker cabs. All these are known for being fairly transparent and accurate in reproducing the natural tone of your bass.

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