Do I need friends?

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by funkysurfer, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. I am currently looking for a band to join or any other musical opportunities that may come my way. I link people to my Myspace page to give them a sense of how I play and what I do on the bass. However, I only have like 20 friends and I was wondering if it looks bad and if I should have more?

    I figured if it's necessary to boost my friends count, what better place is there to go to for support other than Talkbass?

    So if you'd like, feel free to click the Myspace link in my sig and add me as a friend.


  2. phillipkregg

    phillipkregg Supporting Member

    Jun 8, 2010
    Nashville, TN
    Need friends?

    Change your profile pic to this, and you'll have more friends than you could reasonably nuke:

  3. My old band has over 16000 friends on myspace but it doesn't mean a thing. The guitarist installed a bot that trawls myspace clicking on the add me button. I suspect that nearly all the replies that say "NIce music, now listen to what I have" are generated by software bots too.

    I can be amusing though. In the early days we used watch the stats and found out of our 1st 100 friends nearly 1/3 were in Hungary and linked to a Hendrix tribute band there.
  4. jazzblade


    Jun 21, 2005
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    LOL no I don't think you need to do that. But maybe friend bands that you like so they get a idea about what types of music you like??

    Just a idea. Friends on MS are pretty meaningless if all you are trying to do is introduce your playing to people.
  5. :D
  6. Muaguana


    Jul 28, 2009
    I don't have any friends, but I'm in two bands. Still no clue how that happened.
  7. BassyBill

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    2007, is that you? :D

    I hate to say it, but Myspace is a total waste of time these days as far as networking goes. You could have loads and loads of friends and it would make no difference whatsoever.

    I rarely go to the site at all now, and I suspect millions of others are the same. Abandon your Myspace page and find some other way to network is my advice, honestly.
  8. I guess having more friends makes you look a bit better when people check you out on MySpace, but it is not really very effective to work the friends list for things. Aside from being an easy way for people to see that you are a real band, MySpace is pretty much worthless as a promotional tool.

    My main interest in MySpace is to listen to other music you won't hear anywhere else.
  9. baron665


    Apr 9, 2010
    Get a Facebook and Youtube account. My band has 68 friends on Myspace, and it's not really a band. I almost never use Myspace. Except to check on some of my friends who have to yet convert to Facebook. Get a Twitter as well. Now you can link Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

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