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Do Make Say Think

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by oddentity, Aug 13, 2002.

  1. oddentity

    oddentity Supporting Member

    Nov 20, 2000
    Is anyone listening to this Toronto band?

    My brother just turned me on to DMST, and I'm heading out at lunch to buy some albums today (they have three, on Constellation).

    Reminiscent of Tortoise and label-mates Godspeed You Black Emperor, but they definitely have their own style and sound...

    Really excellent, chill post-rock.
  2. i have heard only very little but have been very intrigued. i'm a big fan of a lot of those post-rock instrumental bands, except i think GSYBE and silver mt. zion can little a little overdone sometimes, the songs just drag a little, but only very rarely.

    but anyways, yeah, these guys have been high on my "need to check out" list for a while. once you give a listen to those recordings, tell me which you'd recommend the most. but agreed, good band, good stuff happening with that band. along those same musical lines, have you heard any Explosions in the Sky?

    i've always been intrigued by how many people are into the indie-rock/post-rock (non-emo) scene here. it always seems to me like most of the people here, if not into jazz, are into Rush, Van Halen and more "classic" rock stuff, or Tool and a bunch of other nu metal bands...not bad stuff i guess, i'm happy those people like it, just not at all my music. so oddentity, you seem like you've got the music taste more up my path, what else do you listen to?

  3. rwagne2


    Aug 2, 2001
    I'm a huge fan of DMST. I' m pretty much a contstellation junky - All of the music that they put out is very good, and each band has its own distinctive sound and identifiable soul. I also like the fact that these bands have a real attention to craft, especially in this age of cookie-cuttery. They seem to put alot of effort into every detail.

    Now DMST in particular I think is my favorite of the constellation bands. They sound really toirtoise-y, like you said, but they do have their own atmosphere. I really dig the bass-playing: simple, yet very provocative. It's what made me want to learn to play fretless. When they want to groove, they groove. When they want to chill, well, they chill :)

    I also think its pretty provocative of them to have a near minute of silence start their debut album.

    As for recommendations, I don't think you can go wrong with any of their albums. Their newest is probably the most 'listenable' though.

    I only wish that I had a good opportunity to see them live. I live in the south, and most of their tours are in the north or europe.

    Explosions in the sky is good too, but its more along the lines of GYBE!

    I also recommend:

    Fly pan am, sofa, ASMZ off the constellation album.

    Boards of Canada. They're classified as idm, but have a si milar sort of atmosphere.
    the for carnation, the sea&cake, tortoise et&all. This whole conglomeration really rocks.

    Wow & Flutter - defunct oz band, but they had some good tunes.

    It's always good to find people with similar musical interests :)
  4. i completely agree :)...we should form a indie support group for TB :p. thanks for the other recommendations rwange, i'm not a huge boards of canada fan (sometimes have trouble getting into more electronic IDM stuff), but of the other bands you mentioned i've only head of fly pan am. i love getting recommendations of bands i know nothing about. along the lines of boards of canada, have you heard the latest shalabi effect album? i bought that a while ago and find it very interesting, i love how soft, organic it sounds. but once again, the IDM stuff is sometimes a little too hard for me to get into. intriguing music nonetheless :)

  5. rwagne2


    Aug 2, 2001
    Hey you should check out www.soulseek.org if you haven't already - its a p2p tailored to electronic, post-rock, indie and jazz. pop-flusterers nu-mettlars need not apply

    Maybe we could start a talkbass.com channel?

    I forgot two mention a couple of bands earlier - labradford, pan american, and dirty three. All very good.
  6. oddentity

    oddentity Supporting Member

    Nov 20, 2000
    Heh heh - as I type this, I'm listening to Tool's Lateralus! :) [I wouldn't call them 'nu-metal', personally... maybe art-metal would be a better term?]

    This post-rock stuff is something I'm just getting into, though I've been listening to Tortoise for a few years. I've heard some GSYBE from my roommate. As far as "indie" stuff, I really dig Helium, Mary Timony, Built to Spill, and Technician.

    Otherwise, my tastes run the gamut... Lately I've been listening to Jeff Buckley, the Flaming Lips, Shpongle, Mos Def, Beck, Vida Blue, the Roots, Ozric Tentacles, Solas, Common, Radiohead, Robert Fripp, Peter Gabriel, Portishead, Tool, Pat Martino, Moho Disco, and Jill Scott.
  7. thanks for the link rwange, i'm excited to check out that site.

    of the other three bands you mentioned, i've only heard dirty three, but i like them a lot. i have the mp3s from their "in the fishbowl" release with Low, because i'm a pretty big Low fan (i'm from MN, it's kind of a given for MN indie fans :p).

    i'm trying to get more into the IDM stuff, but i mainly stay towards the more rockin stuff, although i LOVE the last Dntel album. i listen to a lot of Dismemberment Plan, Les Savy Fav, the Microphones, 12RODS, Pixies, a lot of really good local bands here...stuff like that. i just bought the Interpol EP, which i'm really liking a lot, along with the new Flaming Lips cd and a Wire cd. so that's some of the stuff i listen to...

    oddentity, i really dont know enough about Tool to classify them, i just know that i've heard enough to know it's not up my alley, but maybe i'll check em out again if you say it's worth it.

    glad to hear you're liking built to spill, they are definitely a great band, i have a lot of their albums but especially love "keep it like a secret," just an amazing album from start to finish. but STAY AWAY from their live show, so completely boring. it's fun to see really great guitar players, but they have literally nothing else going on for them in their live show than just guitar playing. also a really big Portishead fan over here, i've always dug what they have going on.

    this is a fun conversation so far, keep the recommendations coming you guys! :)

  8. oddentity

    oddentity Supporting Member

    Nov 20, 2000
    Reviving an old one here-

    I saw DMST on Friday night at the Ethical Society auditorium here in Philly.

    The show got a late start, because the band was caught in traffic (or was in a car accident, not sure which) on the way from Boston.

    The show was supposed to start at 7; I got there at 7:30 and saw a note that the band hadn't arrived yet due to traffic/accident. I went to a bookstore, came back at 8:30, and they still weren't there yet. So I walked around the neighrborhood for a while, got dinner, and returned at 9:10 to find DMST on the stage. Apparently due to the noise curfew they decided to put DMST on first, and then have the "opener" Fly Pan Am follow with a short set.

    I missed one or two DMST songs, but stayed for the rest of their set. Most of their set came from Goodbye Enemy Airship and &Yet &Yet but I think they did a few from the first album, too.

    They were really excellent. The bass player switched between fretted and a sweet F-Bass fretless depending on the song. The whole band meshed together very well, especially the two drummers. I have seen few bands that can pull off two drummers, but these guys did it well. The guitarists each did their own thing really well.

    Three of the band members were multi-instrumentalists. The bass player picked up a trumpet for one song; one of the two guitarists also played sax and flute; and the other guitarist also played keyboards.

    The sounds was great (thanks to R5 Productions, who put on the show-- they usually have really good sound systems), but the room was too small. It was crowded and VERY hot. But it was nice to go to a show without cigarette smoke and having beer spilled on me, and it was only $8!

    I didn't stick around for Fly Pan Am, as I was tired from work and from standing in the hot & humid auditorium.

    Definitely check these guys out if they hit your town.

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