do musicians find it hard to keep in shape?

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  1. i probably spend more time on my pushy or at the gym then playing bass, which translates to me not really puting alot of time in being a better bass player, i try to balance the family, my health and playing bass in that order. I do note some great musicians not being in great physical shape, but they play great. Do muso's need to keep in shape to make them look more appealing to the eye or is it all in the music?
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    Not sure if I understand your question. Musicality has nothing to do with your physical shape, though if you're in better shape it makes playing through a gig a lot easier. I'm sure most musicians who work out do so for that reason besides a desire to just be healthy overall.
  3. Seems a simple enough question. I do(find it hard to stay in shape)- not so much because I'm a musician, but because I'm 47. Stay-at-home dadding & working part-time makes it difficult to find time- I lean toward *hobbyist-level* as a musician, but again- at my age it's tricky to find the time.
  4. “do musicians find it hard to keep in shape?”

    Only the ugly ones. :D
  5. I'm pretty lucky that at 38 my metabolism still staves off most of my gluttony and laziness :)

    I don't find it harder to keep in shape because I don't really do anything to stay in shape except avoid fast food once out of 3 outings.

    I do find I carry a few extra kilo's when I'm not rehearsing or gigging frequently, because I don't replace the gear-lugging and bopping with anything!

    And I saw a video of Rhianna playing guitar on a song called Rock Star or something. It is most definately the look that appeals to many, not the instrument haha .
  6. I have trouble staying in shape because I'm a lazy, fat, piece of crap; not because I'm a musician.
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    My priority will be:
    My Health come first before family and bass.
    Also I think it's good for bass player to keep their body in good shape, esp. for performers.
    But still, I'd put serious quality time on my music and bass playing, cause I need it and it's the thing I love to do.
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    Most people have more than enough time to work out...if they know what they are doing and use their time wisely. I'm living proof that you can get in very good shape with some dumbells, a bench, and a chinup bar in 30 minutes 3x a week, and 20-30 minutes of cardio 3x a week.
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    Not at all. Round is a shape.
  10. Yes, I place practicing bass above going to the gym to work out. So when there is a time crunch- the workout suffers. Also, eating at gigs usually means eating food that isn't all that healthy.
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    What is this "gym" of which all of you speak?

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    That is my feeling on the matter. Doesn't take a lot of time to be in decent shape. It takes a decent consistent schedule. Not that different than practicing properly.
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    its a challenge to juggle everything
  14. as performers whose duty it is to stand in front of our punters, maybe we have a duty to stay in shape?

    is that a point?
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    Lucky me I have someone who concern about that food to eat at gig things. There are always fresh fruit in gigs provided, for example :)
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    Nope! I work out everyday and play bass about 4 hours a day. I try to stay away from TV and the mindless, slanted media that pollutes the mind. Much happier now
  17. I just got back into the gym yesterday after 9 months of being a lard @$$. I got a personal trainer to help me get back into shape without allowing my ego to push so hard I hurt myself. Also, paying up front for the trainer creates a comitment I have to keep in order to not waste my money.

    Today I feel like I've been flogged with a sock full of marbles. Tomorrow I have another full hour of torture. However it's all worth it when the pants fit looser, and when I see a fatty struggling to walk in wal-mart.

    I noticed that as I put on weight, my new gut would cause my bass to not fit right. I also noticed that I couldn't stand and play as long. For me, instead of sacraficing my hour or so practice a night, my family time or work time, I sacrafice a little bit of the goofing off time and make sure I get to bed at a decent hour (I go to the gym before work).
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    Personal Trainer? You're being sarcastic, right?

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    What's a "pushy"?
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    "Every time I get the urge to exercise, I sit down and wait for it to pass."
    W.C. Fields