do pots change the vol of sound

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    Apr 3, 2021
    picking back up after 28 years
    Hello, somewhat new to modding. I usually just buy a good bass IMO.
    I just got my second HB the PJ5-SBK deluxe, and changed it to all black.
    The OG J pickup was super noisy to where it sounded like an AC behind a closed door. So I bought these :Wilkinson 5 Strings PB electric bass Guitar Pickup Five strings P bass Humbucker pickups WOPB5+WOJB5. The sound it a bit low like I need about 3 more turns to get the vol up. The pickup and pickguard were the only change. Do I need to change the pots or maybe it is something else???? any help would be great. It looks like the one on the right but black everything.
  2. The first thing I would try is adjusting the pickup height so that they are closer to the strings.

    Rick B.
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