Do the configuration of left/right handed sealed tuners really matter?

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  1. Float on man

    Float on man

    Mar 10, 2018
    I'm a left handed bassist with a left handed "jazz" bass originally stocked with open gear tuners. When the two outer tuners exploded, I brought a pair of 44$ ones of amazon, but they were wayyyy too big, but I managed to make it work. Digressing, the D-string one 'spolded a while ago so I was looking for a replacement, so, I heard that sealed gear tuners are awesome, being compact and stuff, so I was looking for them on amazon. That lead me to the question above, would anything happen if I put right handed tuners on my left handed bass or nothing? I don't wanna waste 15$. Thank you.
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    May 6, 2004
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    Two things -
    Yes it matters - if you try to put right hand tuners on a left hand headstock the worm gear will be on the wrong side of the crown gear. If you look at the open tuners on your bass you will see that the tuning key shaft is above the gear that's attached to the post. If you were to move it to the other side it would now be under the post gear. That may not fit on your headstock.

    Secondly, if you intend to buy new tuners for $15 apiece, they're going to 'splode pretty quickly. At that price they are darn poor quality.
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  3. Turnaround is right. Another factor, if you have open gear tuners that mount with a flat plate, the sealed tuners will likely have a smaller to much smaller post and bushing meaning you will have to plug and redrill the tuning key holes.
  4. Float on man

    Float on man

    Mar 10, 2018
    So, it does matter? Huh, neat, thanks for your time!
  5. Float on man

    Float on man

    Mar 10, 2018
    Oh, okay, thanks, cheap doesn't equate to garbage exactly, but I do understand the concern, have a nice day!

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