do you ever use rhythmic skeletons

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    Aug 20, 2002
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    ok so I have another question. actually I have a million so I'll just keep pushing my luck :). As a bass player do you find yourself thinking about rhythmic skeletons like for instance 2 3 claves or cascara's to come up with lines when the music is complex? like if you were playing in a latin group or afropop or a latin flavored jazz is it something your aware of or try to put in your playing? and if so what are the ones everyone should have a working knowledge of? I appreciate all your advice by the way keep cool:)

  2. Steve Lawson

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    Apr 21, 2000
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    Hi Chris,

    I have done a fair bit of latin playing over the years, and do occasionally use a clave as the beginning of a tune - it normally gets lost fairly quick, but it can be the genesis of an idea... :)

    As for cascara patterns etc. I haven't used them, but it'd be a great idea - there's some excellent material in Funkifying the Clave about latin rhythms, that I've used a lot.

    I do often have some sort of rhythmic signature for a tune before I have a harmonic one though - depending on the kind of loop that begins it. Often is just setting up a stereo delay with odd time things going against each other...

    as for what to learn - as much as possible!! get those latin ones down (I've heard that The Latin Bass Book is excellent), and then experiment... :)