Do you have an ESP Ltd B-336?

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  1. This is probably a long shot, and I'm not absolutely certain this is the right category for this thread, but here goes.

    Several years ago, ESP debuted a line of basses at the NAMM show: the B-33* line. This included 4, 5, and 6 string models. If you aren't familiar, they have this very cool stained finish on both the body and back of the neck, and it has a crazy smooth feel to it. I guess ESP determined the 6 string models wouldn't sell well, because they never made it into mass production (the 334 and 335 did make it into mass production). The only 336s in existence are the six prototypes that ESP made for the NAMM show. There are two red ones, two brown, and two black. They aren't especially expensive or anything; spec-wise, they are pretty similar to the B-206SM basses, made of similar materials, etc.

    Here's the real crux of my post here: I finally managed to get my hands one one of the red ones last year, and it quickly became one of my favorite basses ever. Something about the instrument just resonates with me personally, even though it isn't the "highest quality" bass out there (I got it for $450). I'm at a point this year where I would really REALLY love to have another one, but their rarity makes them nearly impossible to locate. So I'm taking a shot in the dark here to see if anyone has one (ESPECIALLY one of the two black ones, please GOD) that they would be willing to part with. I would obviously be willing to negotiate price/trade, so please, if you own one of these basses, consider responding to this thread or PMing me.

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  3. I have, and the one under that link is actually the one I now own. Also, that website is not actually selling the basses, it just has them listed for god knows what reason. Thanks for contributing though!
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