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Do you "personalize" your bass?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by facepalmmaster, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. facepalmmaster


    Jan 4, 2012
    I know some people leave their basses clean, some scratch them up and put stickers and such on them. Which one do you do, i'm thinking of putting some stuff on mine. If you do, i'd love to see it!
  2. GM60466


    May 20, 2006
    Land of Lakland
    I like 'em clean
  3. facepalmmaster


    Jan 4, 2012
    I used to like the look of the clean finish, but after a while I get bored :p
  4. ma4rk


    Jun 28, 2012
    Sydney, Australia
    I bought my Stingray brand new 12 years ago, I tried to keep it looking new however the odd dent & paint chip incident has occured over the years. The first dent bugged me, but now I like them as they've added character - saying that I don't go out of my way to damage the finish!
  5. Jazzdogg

    Jazzdogg Less barking, more wagging!

    Jul 29, 2006
    San Diego, CA
    I personalize my basses by disassembling them, removing the frets, recontouring the bodies, and refinishing them.
  6. 1SHOT1HIT


    Feb 17, 2012
    Doing this currently just to have something made the way I want it.

    Who knows maybe this will be my new thing.
  7. rapidfirerob

    rapidfirerob Fusion rules!

    Leave my Alembic untouched, since 85, besides a few minor blemishes over the years.
  8. My basses are treated like valuable instruments. I take good care of them, keep them in the best shape possible, and don't add stickers or markings. Mine can be 10 years old and look new...and they usually do.
  9. 2behead


    Mar 8, 2011
    This exactly!!!!
  10. Uncle K

    Uncle K The bass player doesn't get a sandwich Supporting Member

    Aug 22, 2011
    Erie, PA
    I have a standard P-bass and I put on a black pickguard, a thumbrest, and a Jazz neck. My Squier Jaguar is stock, with the exception of stings, of course.
  11. georgestrings

    georgestrings Banned

    Nov 5, 2005
    Yeah, that pretty much describes my approach, too... I play 'em and gig 'em, but try to take good care of them as well...

    - georgestrings
  12. makaspar

    makaspar Supporting Member

    Oct 23, 2009
    Austin, TX
    On my 62PRI, I've added a double stop hipshot extender, added and removed the ashtrays a couple of times, I've added the tug bar...

    Other than that, I've played it, and put it away as is.. I'll clean something up if it impedes play. It has a few dings, but nothing I'm upset about - or necessarily want to encourage..
  13. Bassist Jay

    Bassist Jay

    Dec 28, 2009
    Sterling, CO.
    Endorsed by K.B. Guitars, Nordstrand Audio Pickups, Von York Strings and Gallien-Krueger Amps.
    Certain basses I have does little things to personalize them. Myt first was my 95' Ibanez SR 500 Soundgear bass. I used to have a 93' SR 400 in candy apple red but traded it in on my 95' SR 500. A year later I added my 95' and custom painted it that same candy apple red color as my 93' SR 400 was. My next one was my Guild B-4 ce acoustic bass. I hated the chrome tuners on it but with the way the wood grain was, I thought it would look killer with gold hardware so I put some really nice gold tuners on it. When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, the Music Man company, actually Sterling Ball approved to build my breast cancer awareness bass that had a little bit of cutom work done to it. That bass will never be gotten rid of. It will be with my family for years to come. Then, on my latest Bongo, I wanted it to have an abalone pickguard and Music Man customer service did a great job of adding that to the order. They had one left so I was pretty stoked about that.
  14. pocketgroove


    Jun 28, 2010
    My main bass is a precision copy, with a nice aged white/cream finish. I painted the pickguard orange. I have yet to see another like it...

    Attached Files:

  15. Engine207

    Engine207 Losing faith in humanity...one call at a time.

    Jul 10, 2008
    Higley, AZ
    Same here. I'm conscious of walls, cymbals and guitarists, so there are very few blems on my basses. I wipe them all down as part of my after-jam routine. My OCD is largely the culprit, but having to take care of my work gear so meticulously plays in as well.

    I do, however personalize/mod some of them. My Ric 4001 has a treble bezel and a Hipshot bridge; my sunburst Jazz Basses always lose their white pickguards for a black; and my fretless neck wears the body of a Squire P/J.

    The only pure stock bass is my SiennaBurst T-40. That one was just as I like it when it came out of Meridian MS.
  16. Jazzdogg

    Jazzdogg Less barking, more wagging!

    Jul 29, 2006
    San Diego, CA
    I only modify basses I plan to keep; if I have no plan to get rid of a bass, I don't worry about its future value, and I am free to make any modifications I desire.

    As nice as it might be to own a bass made by a well-respected maker, I would have trouble justifying paying top-dollar for an instrument I "couldn't" modify. If building my own bass were not an option, my second choice would be to find a custom builder willing to collaborate on the design and construction of my instrument. I'm becoming too picky for my own good. ;)
  17. tabdog


    Feb 9, 2011
    I never put stickers or anything
    on my basses for 26 years.

    Then I got a Squier Bronco and
    kind of personalized it.

    I named him Petey after the dog
    on Our Gang TV series back in the

    He has a crush on Betty Boop,



  18. They are my babies, and I treat them as such. But you can't help but get a few dings and scratches.

    The only basses I personalize are the ones I set aside for that, usually something bought cheap with an end goal of a look/sound in mind.
  19. spiritbass

    spiritbass Supporting Member

    Jun 9, 2004
    Ashland, MO
    Well, yeah, with the eventual, inevitable ding. I try to keep them looking as new as possible. Just a couple of days ago I noticed a small ding/rough spot on the binding of my Ric. I don't hesitate to and enjoy modding. The only bass I presently own that hasn't been and doesn't need any modification is my Super J...
  20. dalahorse


    Apr 14, 2010
    Like so many others here, I baby my basses. They are precious instruments and extensions of me. A bit of mojo happens. I wish it didn't. But I keep them as close to 100% as possible. They treat me well, and I do the same for them. The only mods make are strap locks. But I keep the original hardware, even though I will never sell or trade them, or put the original strap hooks back in.

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