DOD and Ibanez Effects,Yamaha and Ibanez Basses

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  1. shagEb

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    Apr 14, 2001
    USA, Polkville NC
    Ibanez TSR9 Tube Screamer ---- $90.oo + shipping

    DOD D3, single rack space,Effect unit----sold

    DOD D12 rack mount sampler-------sold

    DOD Envelope Filter,DOD Milk Box Compressor,DOD Death Metal,
    DOD Vivro Thing. All four together----------sold

    Peavey Add Verb II,single rack space-------sold

    Yamaha BBeast 5 string ------------sold

    Ibanez Roadstar II series 4 string ---------------$75.oo + shipping

    eMail me with any questions that you might have. any serious offers will be welcome.