DOD bass OD FX91 views???

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by rodl2005, Jun 19, 2008.


    This is on my local ebay....was just wondering on ppl's views of this overdrive?? Tubey/ buzzy-fuzz type/ 60's "garage" OD?????? Aren't any places where I live to even try any different FX-just the usuall BOSS, a few EXH , a few Behr. & a cuppla others-probly 2 bass FX outta them all!!! :bawl::help:

    So ANY views on this.......??????

    Thanx. & yes I WILL search ........sooon.;)
  2. had it didnt like it sold it, mad low end loss.
  3. OOOOOOOHHH No good! Keep 'em comin Pls!