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DOD Bass30 and GMT (GK) EQ

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by superbassman2000, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Hello folks!

    I have two items for sale,
    first is my DOD bass30. it is in good condition, i rarely used it, and when i did, it was only for it's biamp capabilities. checkout the manual at dod.com, and thats what you will get! there is no power supply, so how about 50 bucks shipped?

    second i have a GMT 9-band EQ...GMT is what eventually became Gallien-Krueger...i believe GMT was the first to work out a pre/power amp setup for basses, this would be the "pre" and then there was a GMT power amp, and that would go into a GMT cab...I believe that is the story, but i don't remember where i heard it...so if anyone has another story, feel free to share :)
    anyways, i'd like 50 bucks shipped as well, its a perfectly capable 9-band EQ, no matter what it's history :)

    pics can be found here

    Thank you for looking!
  2. ok, i emailed GK, and pretty much what they could tell me is that the EQ is from 1973 :)
  3. ok, the DOD is on ebay, but the eq is still available :)
  4. bump

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