dod FX25B settings

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by kolkoz, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. kolkoz


    Mar 26, 2003
    Excuse me for my english but i'm french....
    I would like to know your settings with the fx25B !!
  2. Thought I'd reanimate this one, as I just received a new(to me)FX-25B today. I am LOVING it! Bow-chicka-bow-bow(w/my business socks on :cool:).
    On topic, my settings right now are blend & sensitivity- about 2:30, range-1:00.
    Testing it out I ran the bass into a Bad Monkey, Ibanez EM5 delay, FX25B & then EHX Wiggler. Most everyone here knows this- as I did already- but I'm just now recalling how cool it is when the envelope opens, allowing the slight OD to come through. The delay is just to balance right outside of self-oscillation madness, & the Wiggler just makes it dizzy. I also go through a B2.1u(firts pedal- for tuning & volume pedal duties)and an RC-20XL(end of chain). WEEEEE!
  3. Jared Lash

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Northern California
    Yeah, I dig the FX25. At one point I had a similar setup to the one bongo has described (DOD in a blend loop with a limiter after) and really liked the sound. And of course rolling off the sensitivity gives a great Bill Laswell sound.

    Oh, and just because you mentioned business socks and funkyness:

  4. Aw, yeah. :cool:
    It's funny; I had the -B model, then grabbed an older 2-knob one as so many prefer it & I wanted to see what I thought, but found I like the 3-knobber better. Had to let the newer one go to a friend who needed it but I knew I'd come back to it. Missed it. Back to business...:D
  5. funny, i got a FX25b the otherday, and i cant get one useable ound out of it :(