Does an unpowered effector still uses batt in an active bass?

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  1. Hi all..
    I have a question that i couldn't solve. Today; after my excercises; i did my routine and shut down the amplifier than pulled the power supply off my efector. But i forgot to unplug the jack from the guitar. My bass has active pickups (Yamaha RBX375). I noticed; when i got home around 4 hours later that i forgot the guitar plugged.
    My question is; does an unpowered effector still use the batteries? I tried playing and it still gives sound; they are not completeley dead. Yet they may be used up for 4 hours without playing :crying:
    Can you clear this for me?
  2. If the jack's in the socket you are using current. 4 hours shouldn't do much harm.

    I had a 375 and the battery easily lasted 6 months with daily use.
  3. Thx a lot; that's relieving :)
  4. Stealth


    Feb 5, 2008
    Zagreb, Croatia
    Yup. The 375 loses power if it's plugged in. Unfortunately, there's no on-off switch for it (which would be useful for an EQ bypass).