Does anybody build just speaker boxes?

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  1. I have a few bass speakers sitting around--i have an idea of a cab that i'd like to have them in, but I don't really have the time to build it--does anybody build just speaker boxes?
    what i'd like to do is have a small two cab, with one forward firing speaker and another at an angle, like the hartke 2100

  2. danomite64


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    I see unloaded cabs on ebay from a company called Lopo Line, and some by Avatar, too. I'm sure either one could make a custom box for you.
  3. ehque


    Jan 8, 2006
    And maybe you'd want to shoot off an email to LDS as well, although i don't know if they make unloaded boxes.
  4. I believe Avatar only sells unloaded guitar cabs.

    I also believe it's impossible to get a custom cab from Avatar since they don't actually make those in house.
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    really a skilled carpenter or cabinet builder (like kitchen cabinets) can build anything you want if you can get an accurate design that is appropriate for your speakers ... also , they always have a very good quality of birch plywood to build with ....
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  7. ^ didnt see any bass cabs has some. ive also thought about buying some seismic audio (ebay) cabs and pulling out their drivers.
  8. Rick Auricchio

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    Remember that a cab must be designed to match the speaker specs.

    Plopping a speaker into an existing cabinet is a crapshoot.
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    The Lopo boxes, I would avoid unless you want the vintage "well, it makes a sound...anyway" tone ; }

    Unless they've redesigned them as of late. Too small for most bass-oriented drivers and poorly ported if you want to run them halfways hard - it's another product design from a guitar-oriented manufacturer that evidently doesn't have a clue about bass cab design.
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    Apr 11, 2007

    What speakers do you have "sitting around."
  11. Don Oatman of Low Down Sound does this. If you send him the speaker model, he can build an appropriately tuned cab for those particular speakers of any design (within reason) that you have.

  12. A speaker only store should be able to make you a design you can bring to a cabinet maker or retired woodworker.

    I think they charged me like $20 to do a design.. they'll then help you with hardware, porting stuff etc.

    This is not a place that sells guitars or PAs.. just speakers.