Does Anybody Have a Successful Method to Find Discontinued Gear?

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  1. I posted the other day looking for a good hybrid amp and I am just blown away with the Genz Benz Shuttlemax 12.2, but I can't find it anywhere on the internet. I searched the classifieds here, checked Google endlessly, looked at Reverb, checked GC's used stuff and then hit up any authorized Genz Benz dealer's websites but didn't see anything used on their websites. There is actually a 12.0 on reverb but *I don't want it*.

    Is there some other method I am unaware of? How do you go about finding old gear anyways? I'm not trying to hoard rare gear but this amp just looks perfect for me and I can't believe it literally doesn't seem to exist. Is it possible that no one is selling it and I will just have to wait till I see it pop up on the used market? In that case is there a way to be notified if it turns up somewhere?

    Could be a dumb question but I figure TB will have some idea. Thanks
  2. Music Go Round?
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  3. Mr. Foxen

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    I turn over a vast amount of discontinued gear. The trick is not being too specific about what gear, and looking in all the places for any of it.
  4. mmbongo

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    Long shot, but maybe @agedhorse might have a lead on one?
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    You can program eBay to search every day for however long it takes.
  6. Omega Monkey

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    The Genz stuff can be hard because I don't think they made a ton of it and people who have it tend to hold onto it because it's pretty good. Reverb usually has a good selection though, or the classifieds here (where I bought both my Genz heads, my 2 cabs, plus the other one I had were all bought locally). It's just a matter of watching the listings regularly so you catch them when they come up. I picked up the Max 9.2, although I was kind of thinking about the 12.2 to have a lower power option on hand too. But I most likely never would have had enough cabs at once to make use of all that power, so even though the 9.2 is a little too much for my "smaller"/8 ohm cabs, it's just right for my giant GK 412. Actually if they had made a 6.2, I would have gone for that probably

    But yeah, just looking at as many potential sources as you can as often as possible until one pops up is the key. Eventually one should be available. And yeah, I wanted the .2 as well. I'm probably never going to buy another one of these, so I might as well get the "best" one (Max, .2) in the first place.
  7. I checked that too, they don't have anything.

    Hey THAT would be cool. I'm sure someone knows where to find one, I saw on sold in the classifieds a week ago
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  8. How?

    Yeah you know I am totally just going to go with the 6.2 if I don't find the 12.2 but it dose seem to have a fancier preamp which is great, besides that added power options. I like it because I could run my two 8 ohm cabs and get a solid 750watts and I would have the option to add a 4 ohm, or two 4ohm cabs in the future, if I ever needed a larger rig. The double Power Amp output is pretty badass. 9.2 is in an awkward spot power wise, while the 6.2 is also perfect.
  9. Passinwind

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    Configure your advanced search and execute it. Near the top you should see a "save search" prompt. You may have to enable email alerts separately, can't remember off hand.
  10. agedhorse

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    The ShuttleMax 9.2 and 12.2 have identical preamps. There was no ShuttleMax 6.2

    The ShuttleMax 6.0 and 12.0 also have identical preamps, there was no ShuttleMax 9.0

    These amps come up from time to time on the TB classifieds, eBay and reverb. The key is to be patient. I might have a source for a 12.0, if you are interested I can check and follow up.
  11. Omega Monkey

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    Mar 8, 2015
    The shuttles and shuttlemaxes all have identical preamps among their own groups as far as I can tell. The only difference is power, and the 12/.2 has the 2 power sections (which unfortunately i dont think can be addressed separately for stereo use). And the .0 to .2 is basically just 3DPM and color scheme I think. Like I said, there is no Max 6.2, so if you want a .2, it's either 9.2 or 12.2.
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  12. Omega Monkey

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    Mar 8, 2015
    So do the shuttlemax 6, 12, 9.2 and 12.2 ALL have identical preamps, or is there some difference between the generations? And if so, what is it? I'm happy with my 9.2, just curious more than anything, in case I ever add another one or decide to switch for some reason (a 6.0 would definitely be a better match for my STL 210T cab).
  13. sorry there IS a shuttle 6.2 Shuttle-2 Series | GENZ BENZ, not a Max, but I assume it also has the 3DPM like the other .2 in the preamp?
  14. Right no max 6.2, but there was a 6.2. I'm good just interested in the 12.2 - If you have any leads on that please let me know!
  15. JimmyM

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    Finding specific gear that's discontinued requires a little known human quality in very short supply these days called "patience."
  16. bolophonic


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    A few years back, I bought a used 2x12” and a 1x15” cab from a guy and I liked each of them enough that I keep an eye out for a matching cab for either one. Unfortunately, the cabs were made by Dr. Bass, so I can’t even mention the name on here without people getting mad, so at least you are looking for gear that people like and which doesn’t cause people to fly into a rage over.
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  17. Wasnex


    Dec 25, 2011

    I search Music-Go-Round, Ebay, Reverb, Sam Ash Used, Guitar Center Used, etc on a daily basis. Also I sometimes do Google searches for specific items and modify the search to limit results to the last week or month so I only get what has been posted recently.
  18. JW56789

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    Feb 18, 2017
    There are two methods, with varying degrees of success:

    1) Gotta have it now. Checked TB Classifieds, eBay, Reverb, etc. May get lucky. May not

    2) Take my time and find a good one, whenever I come across one. Will take a while, and eventually one always turns up. Just not today. 'Only used in my home studio, non-smoking environment, with original box and manual'. Love it !

    But then the worst of the choices, an unfortunate amalgam of the two choices, which is . . . .

    1A) I really like Method 2), but on the other hand, I got the money, there is one listing, but the guy says 'works great, but . . . . a few LED's don't light and occasionally is smells like an electrical fire, but it ALWAYS works !' . Buy THAT one and you will become and Eternal Disciple of Method 2), after you spend a couple hundred bucks to make it right on top of the purchase price and NOT free shipping. You and your tech will be amazed a mouse could get in it and short the transformer !
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  19. agedhorse

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    Development Engineer-Mesa Boogie, Development Engineer-Genzler (pedals), Product Support-Genz Benz
    Yes, the preamps are essentially identical.

    The Shuttle series is quite different than the ShuttleMax series, the preamps are nowhere near the same. The 3DPM is in the power amp part of the circuit, this part is the same.

    There was a Shuttle 6.2. Don't know of any ShuttleMax 12.2's available, their owners tend to keep them for a long time. Just be patient and wait, they do come a long, not quite as often as the 12.0's though.
  20. I would add eBay and Music Go Round to your search list.

    Any web sites or forums that accept "Wanted:.., "WTB," or "In Search Of..." type want ads and classifieds.