Does anyone have Fender production numbers?

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  1. Does anyone know how many basses Fender makes each month, or how many they've made from the time they made their first one?

    Do they produce Precisions and Jazzes all the time, or do they tool up for one model, make all they're going to make for the month, year, etc., and then re-tool for another model?

    Also, don't limit this to Fender only. If you know of Gibson, Music Man (Ernie Ball), Ibanez, Rickenbacker, etc., please do tell.

    How many Companys have made 1 million instruments or more?

    I'm very curious.


    P.S. Guitar stats welcomed too.
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    I would like to know the answer to this question also. I was at a guitar show yesterday and was looking at a Lake Placid Blue 1966 P Bass in very nice shape. I asked the dealer why I never see many 1967 P Basses, and he told me it was because Fender produced too many instruments in 1966 and ended up selling those models through most of 1967.

    Where could I find info to verify this? I have never heard this before.