Does anyone know where to buy Ashdowm amp parts?

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  1. rodgersk24


    Nov 18, 2008

    I ordered an Ashdown ABM 500RC Evo II head from a Guitar Center used, and received it to find out that it's buzzy when I plug it in and play it, even more so when I kick in the tube preamp. I took it to a repair shop in town, and the repairman said that the treble, mid, and bass pot "snapped off", which I thought was weird because it played. He said that he's sent an email to Ashdown about getting replacements, but doesn't know how long it'll take. I'm a bit pressed for time because I'm taking off for the U.K. soon, and would like to have it back before I leave.

    Does anyone know any sites or shops that'll sell Ashdown pots for amps? Just in case I can speed up the process!


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    There's no such thing as "Ashdown pots". They use normal mass-produced Chinese pots. The only trick is identifying the specific resistance value, taper, and physical dimensions you need.

    Honestly what you should have done is sent it back to GC for a full refund, and then bought a replacement amp that isn't already in need of repair.
  3. rodgersk24


    Nov 18, 2008
    I was thinking about doing that, but it's a UK-made model, and it was cheap, and I love the sound and would like to keep it instead of getting a new one.

    Thanks! I'll see if I can find the specific pot online.