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  1. hey, i'm new(ish) to talkbass,i've actually been a regular browser of the forums for months now but i only recently registered, im 14 and i'd consider myself a fairly good bassist, a few people from my school and on the local scene play bass and without sounding a d*ck i'd say im probably the best,but the thing is,all the other bass players play Squiers or Epiphones, whereas i play cheap asian made copies of a jazz bass and p bass,is it just me or does this not matter? everytime i tell them what bass i play i get frowned upon because its not a "fender" or a "gibson". i was just wondering if anyone had this problem, personally i think it doesent matter what you play as long as you enjoy uh,if anyones got any views on this then i'd appreciate them,thanks :) kris
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    Nov 27, 2000
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    It doesn't matter what you play, as long as it does what you want it to. And since you are 14, it is understandable that you don't have some really expensive bass. Just as long as you like them, they are perfect.

  3. thanks man,and yeah i guess youre right they do what i need 'cus ive never had any problems with them
    kris :)
  4. MJB


    Mar 17, 2000
    Chances are real good that your bass is made at the same factory as the Squiers and Epis.


    Think 90% player, 10% gear. :p
  5. If they are playing Squire or Epi's then they aren't playing a true Fender or Gibson. They are playing lower-quality knock offs. (No offense to anyone who actually plays Epi or Squire) So they have no right to lord that over you. If you like the tone you got, so what? They're stuck up, don't listen to 'em. I played a really crappy Memphis P-bass for a long time, took tons of crap for it, but was a better player than most of them.

    If you don't like the tone, sell one or both, and buy something better. I recommend an Ibanez, either a SR190 or GSR200. They run about $200 or so.

    Rock on
  6. HeavyDuty

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    It's the bassist, not the bass. As an analogy, look at all the fantastic blues that has been made with cheap plywood guitars!
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    Squiers and Epiphones are both made by Samick in Korea, as are most other inexpensive stringed instruments. This doesn't mean they suck. Your talent will speak for itself. By the way, Gibson basses don't carry a lot of status in most circles.
  8. tell them what kind of bass you have and then make them listen to you play and if you're even remotely good they won't care what kind of bass you play. it's the bassist not the bass.
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    Aug 25, 2000
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    Welcome to Talkbass BEQUIETANDRIVE,

    Continue on with your playing. You never know, it just may be jealousy. Maybe they wish they could play like you so they're just picking on the first thing they find.

    Your instrument doesn't matter, your music does.
  10. That's lame, especially since they play Squiers themselves. (No offense to Squire players.) Actually, even if they own Sadowskys, that still wouldn't give them the right to frown upon you for your gear. No one deserves to be frowned upon based on the gear they own.

    ....actually, I take that back. The only people that deserve to be frowned upon for their gear are the kids who can't play that own $4000 basses! That is a royal shame!;)
  11. Well everyone has to start somewhere right? Just keep practicing and learning so you can play circles around them on your "asian copies" while they flounder on their Squier's and Epi's. If you can out play them on what they consider to be an inferior bass you should be able to shut them up in a hurry!
  12. Hategear

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    Apr 6, 2001
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    Ah, to be young again. Everything was about the names. I used to get made fun of in school cuz my pants said "Lee" on 'em instead of "Bugle Boy," or my shoes were made by Nike when everyone else was wearing Adidas.

    Don't let others put you down, man. Chances are, the ones doin' the frownin' wouldn't know which end of a bass gets plucked and which end gets fretted anyway.