Does string tone suffer when re-using strings over and over

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  1. I've gotten into this addictive habbit of changing strings all the time. I don't buy a new set, but re-use an old one, and I do it just because I think I'll like the other set better (which I will untill I crave another set). I have 5-6 sets lying around for that, and I'm so indecisive that I sometimes change strings several times a day! Apart from the mental aspects of this addiction, is there anything wrong with re-using strings like that? Does the tone of the strings suffer when it's tightened and losened (spelling?) over and over again?

    (..btw, my favorite at this time is Hi-Beams... no, wait Fat-bea.. no Hi-Beams :rolleyes: )
  2. I change mine sometimes like that too, but not nearly as much. I mainly use Rotosounds, and the old ones have a cool sound to them, so I keep an old set around in case I want/need it. Say I just put a brand new set on a couple weeks ago, and they're starting to sound a little dull. I can take them off or de-tune them a lot, then when I put them back on, they'll have their (almost) original punch and brightness for about 20 minutes. Then it's back to kinda dull again....
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    unless you have a drop in bridge
    you will probably be taking out the locking bend on the string to get it through the bridge anchor hole
    my theory is that this allows the wraps wires to become slackened from the new state and so affect the performance of the string when restrung again
    i have done this in the swap around
    now i ditch strings i take off when i have unbent the locking bend..
    its just a theory but may bear some validity
    my 2c:)