Does the "daisy-chaining" principal of bass/guitar cabs work with PA speakers too?

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  1. Just checking...I'm being daft here probably, But I've seen this Peavey power amp which gives out 500 watts at 4 ohms...I can't find a Peavey brand speaker which will EXACTLY match it, I've found some nice ones which are 400 (program) and 1000 (peak) which would be good but they're 8 ohms not 4 - I guess like with bass cabs I could daisy-chain 2 pairs to get them down to 4 ohms could I?

    (I'm only going to be using this setup for rehearsals, not a full-blown gig...)

    I've never really set up a PA so I'm not sure...
  2. tjh


    Mar 22, 2006
    same principles apply... if you use two of the 8 ohm cabs, you will have 4 ohms (if wired parallel)...

    if your power amp is mono, you can either plug both cabs in direct (if jacks are parallel wired) or daisy chain, does not matter ... if your power amp is stereo, you can achieve 4 ohms again, if you just use one side of it ... if you plug each speaker into its own side of a stereo amp, you are then again at 8 ohm load

    if you daisy chain TWO PAIRS of 8 ohm cabs together, you will be down to 2 ohms ..
  3. Ah! thought so - cheers TJ