Does the original Aguilar obp 3 preamp run out of battery quickly?

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  1. BassH


    Apr 3, 2018
    I live in Korea and the amp is using the Fender Rumble 100 model. The instrument used

    is the Roscoe skb 3005 in 2004 (Bartolini pick up-Aguilar obp 3 preamp, 18v Duracell ).

    The practice time is about 4 hours a day. By the way, when you see the battery

    replacement time of other Aguilar obp 3 users, it is said that they replace it every three

    to six months.

    But my bass is after a month, the bass guitar sound fades, or the volume decreases overall, so I

    adjust the volume on the amplifier.

    There is no way to check the remaining capacity of the battery, so I'm worried about it

    every time I perform. (Always carry two 9v batteries and a screwdriver in your bag)

    1 . Do I have to go to the guitar center and have my preamplifier checked?

    2. Or is it a preamplifier with a faster battery drain?

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