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Does this guy EVER SLEEP?? More photos!!!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by jacochops, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. jacochops


    Jul 2, 2000
    Suzhou, China
    I don't know how to post a link to all of the new basses that Chris Benavente has just built, but my bass is done!! A 33" Benavente singlecut style D bolt-on! I hope my photo comes out in this post, but the list of all of the new basses and guitars are on the Low End site, under gallery, and basses under construction. They're the 2006 pics from today, 1-12. My new bass has an alder body, 33" scale, spalted maple top, maple board with abalone inlays, dual coils, Bene 3 band, and small banjo frets.
    I have to say what a pleasure it's been dealing with Brian and Chris on this one! They've been patient, kind, and professional throughout the whole experience. Definitely a class act all around, for sure!! All Chris needs after NAMM is a big, BIG bottle of Tylenol PM, a shot or two of Jose Cuervo, and a couple o' Vicodins, and settle in for a long winter's nap!! The photos that were posted out of his latest batch of basses is about twice of the average luthier's annual output!! I'd say that "tired" would be an understatement!!! If anyone here can post some pics of the new basses, that would be tasty!!

    Anyway, what do you guys think of my new baby??
  2. Kronos


    Dec 28, 2005
    Philadelphia, PA
    Very very nice!!! Add another singlecut to the reasons why singlecuts just look better nowadays!
  3. tribal3140

    tribal3140 Banned

    Nov 9, 2004
    near detroit...uh
    you could see them through the phone I tell you!

    Chris is an unbelieveable luthier and put out something like 70 basses last year! and finished 3 for me alone the 2 oracles that I had made, the redwood one and the ebony one were not even started by august!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He made them so fast I couldnt even phathom, he'd finish them in less than 6 months with his other workload.
    With him you have to pay in advance or he'll finish the bass before you can put the money away! What other luthier can you say that about? I personally havent had a bass made in less than 12 months! [and Ken bebensee is coming up on 3 years for petes sake.]

    As the year wore on you could see the cartoonesque frazzle lines over chris's head! He needs a well deserved vacation I vote!:bag:
    you certianly cant ever say he dosent have a good work ethic!

  4. duckbutter


    Mar 30, 2005
    Sweet bass. I love spalted maple.
  5. mark beem

    mark beem I'm alive and well. Where am I? Gold Supporting Member

    Jul 20, 2001
    New Hope, Alabama
    Beautiful bass but somehow the singlecut body style just doesn't work with only 4 strings to me... Looks off balance...


    Regardless, congrats!! I hope she serves you well... :)