does this sound like an appropriate rig?

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  1. Hey im new to this forum although ive read it on and off for a while now...

    Im currently playing with a 200 watt torque amp in a sludge/doom metal band. The guitarists are using Marshalls (JCM800 and a dual super lead) and things are getting crazy loud. Its great fun but im getting killed volume wise.

    im looking to upgrade and im thinking about a GBE600 with a 212 which will do 425 watts at 4 ohms. is this going to cut through... i could always get another 212 to use the full 625 watts... i do like the idea of a 2ohm rig :)

    any thoughts? or suggestions i live in Australia where gear is kinda pricey so i cant afford to go too high end....

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    425 at 4 ohms should be pretty good, 625 thru 4 twelves should be plenty. i have zero experience with GBE so i can only hope that they rate their wattage fairly.......... :confused:
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    try 2x12's, and 4x10's...

    that should cut well, and have tons of fat-ass bottom.
  4. Cool thanks, if anything i think GB rate their amps pretty conservatively.

    I have an 8ohm 410 i can borrow so ill probably use that with the 212 for bigger shows.

    With a 4ohm 212 and 8ohm 410 thatd be 2.6 ohm? so the gb should be close to its full 625 watts i figure....:hyper: