Doggy Dilema

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  1. buzzbass


    Apr 23, 2003
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    Got an Email from someone on another forum who knows I'm a basset lover. She knows of a 6 month old pup in a pet store in Cleveland, who their ready to send to the pound, because he hasn't sold. Before you bitch me out about pet stores and puppy mills etc, I know that. All the more reason I feel compelled to rescue this guy. What I'm worried about is how my 4 yr old Basset, Buford, will react. Everyone tells me that bassets especially, do better in groups. Pack mentality and all that. But the last thing I want to do is break Buford's heart. He's always been my #1 buddy, and I'd hate to do anything to hurt his feelings. So, what should I do ? I think I'll name him Cletus Bodene, if I get him.
  2. DigMe


    Aug 10, 2002
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    I think Buford would probably be happy to have another member in the pack but you can never really know how one dog will react to another until you get them together I guess.

  3. bongomania

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    It's OK for him to be your #1 buddy and the other dog to be next down the line. That's the way packs work. Even if Buford gets testy and pushes Cletus around at first, that's a normal part of asserting the roles in a pack. I say go for it.
  4. Eric Grossman

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    There are definitely training methods to get your dogs on the same page. I say go for it. It's always noble to save a life, and offer a loving home. You guys will do great, and both dogs will appreciate it.
  5. Get the first Cesar Millan book, there is a chapter on introducing a new dog to the "pack". I used it (we have rescues, 4 of them), and it does the rest of the stuff in the book!

    Go for it!

  6. Phalex

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    Oct 3, 2006
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    Get Buford a puppy!
  7. TallLankyBastyd


    Jan 31, 2007
    1st off don't give a rip about what folks say about pet store and "puppy mill" animals... yes, support of these types of animal abusers is not good but by taking in an animal that is headed for the pound you are doing the world some good. Somebody needs to care for them... its not their fault human beings suck in general.

    2nd. Buford will be fine... because he is older he will be a bit more nonaccepting at first but make sure to feed him first, pet him first, give him attention first and he will eventually take to the new guy/gal.

    We just recently added an 8-week old pup to our pack and Haus (3 years old in August) was abit miffed at first but is becoming more accepting/tolerant real quick.

    Haus and Hagrid:

    Go gor it... good luck and... Have fun!! :hyper:
  8. Ed Goode

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    Nov 4, 2004
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    Buford needs his own pet!! :bassist:

    We've integrated several rescue dogs over our 26 years of marriage and once you get through the first week or so, everything settles in nicely. The alpha dog will rule and the others will find their own places in the pecking order .... it's nature working its magic .... ;)
  9. kesslari

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    It can work. Good luck!
  10. csala

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    Aug 14, 2005
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    I have a couple of rescue dogs and the #1 dog, a cocker spaniel, asserts himself when necessary. As PointBass (a very wise man and fellow Giants fan) said, it takes about a week for everyone to figure it out. Even the pit bull shakes in his boots when the cocker gets on him. It's hilarious.

    I say go for it.
  11. get buford a pup of his own. need to see some pictures. i love them big ole droopy bassett mugs. them ears and those sad ole eyes gotta love em. get you another.
  12. Id take it in :)
  13. disenchant

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    Aug 9, 2006
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    Go for it! I think your dog might be indignant at first, but it's like extending your family. Most people don't stop having kids just because the first one is their "baby." Your dog will grow to love his new friend!
  14. ive heard that its best to introduce them on neutral turf....but yeah rescue cletus if ya kin...
  15. peterbright


    Jan 23, 2007
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    Have you considered a sex change?

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    Dogs are Animals , love them. :)
  17. WorkinOnIt


    Aug 17, 2007
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    Go for it.

    I have taken in several adult rescues, but don't have much experience with pups. That said, I would bet the puppy will quickly discover he is NOT the alpha and will be happy with that. An added bonus is the younger one will keep the older one in shape and active. Every time we have an older dog that lounges around all day and then we bring in a younger dog, the older one is rejuvinated.

    There might be the occassional spat in the beginning. Just don't let it escalate and I bet it will work out pretty quickly.

    Dogs Rule.
  18. Petebass


    Dec 22, 2002
    QLD Australia
    We have a cat and a dog. When we were considering a second dog, we were able to find a wealth of online information about the best way to introduce the new pack member (incidentally, this includes new children, but that's another thread).

    In the end we decided not to get the second dog, purely because we're already paying a lot of money for the cat and dog vet bills. A third set of vet bills would definitely have hurt us in the hip pocket. Keep that in mind...........
  19. buzzbass


    Apr 23, 2003
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    Muwahahahahahaha, it seems I weild an evil influence in my house. I had my kids hammering mom for the past 2 days. While I just kept quiet. She just gave in, the Cletus name may have to be negotiable though :) I gave my kids their marching orders and they attacked, sort of like Satan directing his evil army. Off to Cleveland this weekend. Carlisle, and the rest of this year's R/T projects have just been put on hold, but I think it's for a very good reason :) I'm glad to give this guy a break. :hyper::bassist::D
  20. AWESOME news, Buzz!