Doh! Toby Pro-5 Electrics Dead

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  1. Doh...been having some flakines w/ the output on my toby pro-5 over the last week. So I cleaned the output jack and replaced the battery...and then it totally poops out. I didn't have time last night to totally dig into it, so I'll check for broken wires / Cold joints tonight. Prolly broke a lead to the battery.

    But...if that preamp has toasted, I'd really dig replacing it with a new preamp. I'd love to use the basslines 3 band setup w/ the slap contour (I have one in my warmoth). But, this is a two p/u bass and my warmoth just has a MM p/u. So the blend is kinda unknown to me. The stock knob config is a 4 hole, and I'd rather keep that the same. The master volume knob will be the slap that's Push/Pull. The Treble control is a single, and the Mid/Bass is a no prob there. I'm guessing the p/u blend will be before the signal goes into the preamp (just acts as a single input).

    So, basically, does anyone have a good quick place I can go to check out how to make the 4th pot a blend config?

    P.S. This isn't a total bad thing, it just made me get out my T-40 and realize that it sounds very very tight w/ the SVP pro. Damn that thing has...well....toughnuts lol. It's a big output growly groaning breathy dirty thing.
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    Jan 21, 2002
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    Sorry, I can't help you on the Bassline preamp. I would guess that you are right about it going in front of the preamp, though.

    If you can't make it work, though, here is a different way you can go. On my Toby Pro 4 I installed a Bartolini preamp that has the bass and treble on a stacked pot, and the mid on its own pot, so the 3 band EQ fits in a 4 hole setup (volume, blend, bass/treble, and mid). The mid is a push/pull pot with two choices for the mid frequency (250/800 hz). It sounds great, much better than the original preamp. I got the pre-wired harness - very easy to install. I just had to replace the jack that came on it with the original one on the bass because they are different.

    This is it:


    Hopefully someone can help you with the Basslines preamp, but if not give this a try.
  3. is the "quietness" that is associated with the Toby Pro series a fault of the pickups, or the preamp?
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    Jan 21, 2002
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    The preamp. After I replaced it with the Bartolini preamp it is MUCH louder. I had to adjust the gain down quite a bit on the preamp from the factory setting because it was too loud.