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  1. I would love to see the dolphin body style done in a rockbass (more affordable) style. I'll keep saving my pennies for the custom shop, but would be great to see a more affordable version.
  2. My problem is I feel the Rockbass series, with the wood changes they do, etc to bring cost down, many times make the bass different from its namesake. I love my dolphins and I want my dolphin to be a dolphin, not an almost dolphin. Just my opinion.
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    Not a bad idea. Bring it back as the Dolphin II since that series was discontinued long ago. The Streamer and Dolphin were my favorite body shapes.

  4. I love the dolphin man, such a unique look and they sound phenomenal. Let's keep our fingers crossed brotha lol.
  5. I'll also cast a vote for a budget version of the Dolphin.
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    I think some things should remain sacred IMO. Maybe the Korean Pro line but China Rockbass :meh: I don't care to see Hyundai make a Porsche Carrera is what I'm saying.
  7. I understand what you're saying; Korean Pro would be fine. Realistically, I would never be able to afford a custom shop Warwick. Even used Dolphins still tend to fetch approximately $2100-2500 on the aftermarket.
  8. I'm in that same boat. If they did release a pro line, or Rockbass, they would have me sold almost immediately.
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