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  1. i plane on making my own bass.i am trying to get a fender jazz bass body and neck cheap.if i cant get the neck and body cheap i going to go with warmoth.if i go warmoth would i get the fender sound if i use the same typ of woods for the body and neck.i heard there no way to get the sound unless you get the real thing but i been told warmoth will get you the same sound.
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    Fender replacement bodies and necks are very expensive. Warmoth would probably get you close but its not gonna be cheap either, check their thrift shop. You might also want to consider picking up a used MIM Jazz and hot rodding it. Good luck and have fun, take your time with the project.
  3. Dude, before you drop $300 for body and neck at Warmoth, go to ebay. They have bodies and necks all the time. I watch them pretty close. I got a P-J routed body for $25. I have never seen bodies close for much more than $75, if they even get that high. Same with necks. I've practically built a bass from parts I got on ebay. If yu can't find what you want there, then go to Warmoth. But with the money you spend buying bass parts at Warmoth, you could buy a MIM Fender or used MIA.

    Just buy a Squier and upgrade it. :D Save some money in the long run and still come out with a real nice bass
  4. like i have all the parts i need to make a jazz bass . i was thinking about getting a squire just so i could put the parts in but wouldnt i just end up with a crappy neck and crappy body with good parts. would i even get the feder sound with a squire body and neck.
  5. Dude, I have a Squier P bass I bought new in 97. Stock, I think it rivaled, if not exceeded, many MIM Fender P basses. I'm now upgrading it with SD quarter pound pick ups and new pots. When finished, along with a new pickguard and thumbrest, and bridge cover if I can find one, I believe it will rival any MIA Fender.

    Not all Squiers are as good as the one I have, though. If you decide to buy a Squier, play all that you can find. The bodies on most Squiers are just as good as Fenders. Most are Alder or Agathis, depending on what country assembles it. Squiers are not as bad as you may think. The crappiest thing about most Squiers is the electronics. I've played mine at gigs with stock electronics, and have had compliments.
  6. i plane on using my kahler trem on the bass i make would a squire neck handle it.
  7. just wanted to like get more help .would a squire jazz bass be able to handle a trem.
  8. i mean i dont know any thing about there necks ,i have read that the squire line is musch better now and are pretty close to mim fender if not the same.i know the hardware and pickups are cheaper.but i mean are the body and necks just as good.
  9. i have heard stuff that on basses useing the trem the way it should be can cause neck problems.i plane on buying a new squire.and i i heard squire are now just as good as mim fenders and i allso heard they suck.
  10. the way i mean by normal use is that your not increasing tension to much.i heard that increasing or decreasing the tension on the strings over and over will cause problems with the neck staying stright. i dont rember who told me this.i was useing the trem on a pretty good bass befor for a while and never had a problem with it.

    only thing i want to know is how good are squire necks.i heard there just as good as mim fender and i all so heard there crap. i am talkign about the new squires
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