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  1. now that I've got your attention!....I just noticed in going through the TB Forums how totally subjective all of the stuff is, from basses, amps, bassists, effect, all of it. Examples....

    -recent thread in Amps, people seem to love the Super Redhead (SWR) over the Ampeg B2. I happen to love the B2. And warmth, someone said it wasn't as warm (?!). I know what warmth is, I've played B-15s. I don't get it. And the B2 not loud enough? Can't believe it.

    - Peavey. Almost 'nuff said here. People love to get all high and mighty against the company from Mississippi. The combo's may be crap, but the head/cab's I've played seem like really good stuff.

    - Old All Tube amps vs New All tube amps. I dunno, Psycho Bass Guy, I can't tell the difference between new/old SVT's or V4s much.

    - Bass Driver. I'm changing my tune on this thing, don't think I like it anymore. Kills all the mids. Good for adding some grit, though. But it does NOT get all that close to a tube sound. And my sound person doesn't like it. I'm miking the B100R now.

    - SWR Mo' Bass. Played this thing recently and thought it was a piece of crap, shoddy construction, passable sound. Effects were a joke. Now, I'm not a SWR basher, I think they have some good stuff (Bass 350, cabs), but this thing's a major piece of crap.

    Basically, this is just my 2c. You gotta try out this stuff on your own, really demo it on a gig, and don't worry about what others think.
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    I suggest that people get a budget, try loads of stuff, get a shortlist and post here for reliability/customer care type issues on each one.
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    Arn't most opinions subjective?:rolleyes:
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    What more can this forum offer besides subjectivity? If you want specs, go to the manufacturer's sight. Indeed, this may be opinions, but they have value.

    The things that I have read here have significantly changed the way I look at gear. I listen for things I didn't used to listen for. I consider things I didn't once consider. I appreciate everything that is posted here for a variety of reasons. In the end, it's my money. I buy what I want. Others here would expect as much, as they do the same.
  5. I don't believe my thread approached the subject of subjectivity as a complaint.

    No, I don't want specs, that's just making objective what is really subjective.

    It was a mere statement, an observation if you will, of what I've noticed on these very valuable forums. I guess I should have included in my original post the mention of how many people start second guessing their set-up, become not happy with what they have, decide they need something new. Then someone they don't know tells them to get such and such, they order one sight unseen, and then don't like it. (no, this isn't me, but could be). I've seen this on a couple of recent threads, one guy changed his mind completely at the bequest of another poster. Fine, but check the stuff out FIRST!!!

    The point of the thread was just remarking on how different we all see things; it's really quite incredible.
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    Gee, I think he's talking about me!

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    Great quote mark :)