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DONT use parcel force. UK Bass postage guide

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by BassManStan, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. BassManStan


    Oct 2, 2011
    Just little information that will hopefully help every one to avoid having their instruments broken to bits...

    I am about to sell one of my basses and have been looking into ways of posting it, either Royal Mail special delivery or parcel force or something along these lines. anyway - all my research shows that NONE of these companies provide PROPER insurance for instruments. They will happily sell you add on insurance, however, the small print states that an instrument is not insured unless posted in a hardcase (costing you another £80 odd, and i like my case, i don't wanna sell it) which should then be also separately packaged in another form of packaging - possibly several layers of cardboard boxes. in any case, even if you do all that, they will only cover up to £150 in damage or loss irrespective of what the item is worth. other companies only cover up £100.

    conclusion - pick up or personal delivery is best when it is possible, for highly valuable vintage items.

    also, this guy on eBay have just sent me very useful advice about the way he works and the company he uses, here it is:

    Parcelforce will happily take your premium for insurance but will not pay out on musical instruments hardcase or not . I had a big case with them and lost . All I got back was my insurance premium . I tend to use the InterParcel site who have an add on option of insurance at £5 premium for every £250 of cover ( plus VAT ) . They DO include musical instruments . My extra protection is with my packaging and I buy decent boxes and use plenty of wrap and labels . I recon it costs me about £8 in materials to properly pack a guitar . I have never had a problem with an outgoing package .

    Hope this helps :bassist:

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