Doodads Bag

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    Aug 18, 2002
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    Doodads. You know, the small stuff that you always have to keep track of? The stuff that you get to the audition or rehearsal and have that Aww Crap moment when you realize you forgot it.

    My doodads these days are picks, clip on tuner, and hearing protectors.

    I use 2 different gig bags for most around town work. The doodads tend to be unreliable in the big pocket. One of the bags can take a bunch of picks at the bottom of the main compartment, the other can’t.

    Anyhow, having had enough of all this, I grabbed a couple of earbud cases off of Amazon that have carabiners attached, populated them and clipped them on to the top D ring, one on each bag. Problem solved. There are no doubt other solutions; but, that’s how I’m rolling.