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Dormant bass Neck Thru care issues

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by unatratnag, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    here's a question, I've been messin around with a Warwick Neck Thru Thumb at the local guitar store and have become fond of it. Reg # on back says it's is from 2000 and is sold as a new bass (so it's never left the store). I like it a lot for what it is, but can tell obviously it needs to be lubbed and new strings.

    My concern is it hasn't been oiled, waxed or anything for 5 years now probably. Are there long term neck concerns (particularly since it's neck thru) or wood drying concerns with a natural finish when it's not taken care of properly?
  2. Hey,

    I had a thumb for a while (the bolt on no the neck through), i got it for a bargin price as the bass was dull, not been looked after and gaps had started to appear in the fingerboard, neck pocket and on the back from where the bass wood had dried up...

    However I gave it the once over and restored bk to it former glory...

    Here is wot I did...

    First of all.. dump the warwick wax, it particually bad and leaves a sticky layer on the bass as it contain a synthetic cleaner (much like the spray cans u get)...

    first of all I

    Lem-oil the entire bass.... put a coating of lem-oil on and leave it for around a hour... this will treat the wood but also bring any dirt things like that back to the surface which can be wiped at..

    I think gave it two or three coats of bee's wax used for french polishing.. leave the bass overnight between coats to really seap into the wood

    Then I applyed two coats of Danish oil, this is very good for bring back to natural shine to the bass. but also it feeds the wood...

    Though as u imagine you don't want that slick polishy feel to the bass

    so back to the lem oil again... this takes up the coat of danish oil on the surface and then I lem-oil it till no more could be soaked up by the wood..

    I buffed it and polished it and it look brand new again...

    As for problems with the neck... as far as I know , being as it has been in a shop and therefore at a reasonably constant temp warping of the neck shouldnt be an issue, though I would recommend sending it to be professionally set-up and it will spring back to life again..

    hope this helps

    Cheers :)

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