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  1. hello guys!

    i've just became member of the double bass society. i bought a czech bass. it's made from laminated wood, but i'm a beginner and it suits me fine. i had my firs lesson with my teacher, and i have to notice that this is very physicaly challenging instrument. but i think this is challenging because i have picked up too many bad habits playing BG without a proper teacher. anyways, i already picked up the bass line to "Cantaloupe island". it isn't complicated at all, but it is still really hard for me to play it properly.

    so, that's about it. i didn't had anything important to say, jaust wanted to share my enthusiasm and excitement.:hyper: cheerz guyz!
  2. I've just entered the DB world after 25 years of playing electric bass (including fretless).

    I've discovered how physically demanding it is also! I'm looking forward to many years of learning on this new beast.

    Best of luck!
  3. @dvh: man, i also have a '51 reissue ;). i also found out that i dont like frets. i feel like they hinder a lot of freedom that you get on a fretless instrument.

    btw, can anyone here recomend some good excercises for intonation?
  4. Play everything arco!
  6. :( i dont have bow yet, but i'm working on it... any tips for getting good intonation with pizzicato?
  7. I'm sure your teacher has taught you the correct left hand positions on the neck so I'm affraid it's back to that old chestnut of practice, practice, practice. That may be boring but it is the only way to imporve your intonation. Oh, and listen as well.
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    Shomy, the best thing to do is to play really slowly and use an open string as a drone for you to match the pitch with.

    You can play a scale or part of one with a related string ringing ie D/A E/A F#/A G/A or G/D A/D Bb/D where the second note is the open string.

    This will give your ear and hand both a good sense of the relationship of intervals other than do-me-so.

    Have fun with it! :)