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For Sale double bass in violinform

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe and International [DB]' started by Mahagonni, May 15, 2021.

  1. Mahagonni

    Mahagonni Supporting Member

    May 1, 2021
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    I sell my doublebass with a 3/4 fingerboard length and a 4/4 body size. I played it during my studies and I loved it's voluminous sound. Now I bought another instrument so I need a bit more space at home and it would be too bad if the bass would be covered with dust.
    At the moment it's got intestinal string and frets on it. But it is also possible to pull steel strings (Pirastro) on it.

    It is origin from Romania about 2010. The builder is probably Ioan Bucor and Dominik Hufnagl has further processed it.
    body size: 1150 mm
    upper bracket: 535 mm
    central bracket: 403 mm
    lower bracket: 702 mm
    measure: 104,6 mm
    Bridge with screws, swirls are made of Tyrolean plate mechanics, and base and frame
    consist of bird’s-eye-maple.

    Negotiation basis: 7.200,– € plus shipping charges

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