"Double gig bag? Whuzzat?"

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Sheep Man, Aug 18, 2001.

  1. Hey...
    I went to Tom Lee's today with my new Spector NS 2000/4 & my Ibanez SR 405 for some tweaking...mostly because I didn't have the right (sized) tools for the job(s).

    Anyhoo, I brought 'em in my new BassCentral'd Undercover double gig bag (Thankee, Gard! :D), and when I got to the store I pulled out the Spector to ask the guy if he could make some small adjustments on it for me...
    and the first thing he said was "Woah. Spector, I like these basses. I have 2." And we got into a conversation about where I got it & stuff...

    Then when he was done with the adjustments on the Spector and I was done wandering around the newly remodeled show room at all the beautiful basses (and guitars, I'll admit it..:oops::p) and even met, greeted, and talked to one of my brother's bass playing friends about my new Spector :)D), the store guy helped me put my Spector into my gigbag...but lo and behold, there was an Ibanez in there! Then he folded back the center divider fat padding thing in the gig bag and there was a spot for another bass! Would'ja lookit that!

    Anyhoo, the dude then called over at least half the guys working in the main guitar/bass/amp/accessories showroom over to check out the funky gig bag that was so big you could fit 2 basses in it. :p

    Of them all, there was only 1 guy that knew there was such thing as a double gigbag!

    Oh yeah, and on a side note, I saw a (the?) Fender Harley Davidson Strat...that thing looks funky!
  2. Munjibunga

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    Hey Sheepman ~

    I bought the blue double bag that Gard had on the wall a couple months ago, while I was in Orlando with my family (we went to DIDNEYworld). I've never used a gig bag before, but this thing has lightened my load a bunch. I usually take two basses to gigs, in hard-shell cases. What a hump. Cool, eh?
  3. ...cool, two more satisifed customers!! :D

    Glad those bags are workin' out for y'all!!! I love mine too...
  4. Yeah!
    So like...does that qualify me to have my Asian adolescent face grace (or taint? :p) the of "BC customers" page? I can pose with the gigbag and proudly display the "Bass Central" logo...

    Oh yeah, and Munji...damn you. I wanted a blue bag! :D:p
  5. Hey Sheepy -

    E-mail me a jpeg, and I'll see what I can do for ya! And wouldn't you know the blue bags showed up the day after you went home....sigh....UPS never fails! :p
  6. Ugh.
    Oh well, the black bag matches the black basses, so it's all good.
    Sort of. :p

    E-mail a jpeg? I wish I had a digital camera right about now. :p
  7. Bruce Lindfield

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    That's for "Double Basses" right!! ;)
  8. Tuomas

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    Mar 14, 2000
    Helsinki, Finland
    I have a doublegigbag too. I've used it once with two basses. Two hour subway/tram/bus trip and a couple of miles of walking trough extremely nasty neighbourhood that required some running with that bag containing a ken smith 5, a conklin 7, mu-tron III, big muff and loads of accesories and a tenor saxophone case in my hand helped me realize that I like living on the edge and that not-bringing a backup bass is a great idea...
  9. Hehehe...
    Well, I dunno. That Undercover bag is pretty well padded. I wonder if I could use it as an offensive/defensive weapon. You know, block the guy's punches & kicks with it then beat him over the head with it.
    WITH the 2 basses and all the accessories in it...
    Gard, or anyone with the Undercover double gigbag...any experiences like that, and what happened to the bass(es) inside? :p
  10. Double gig-bags....
    I WANT ONE!!!!