Double new bass month(rare Aria/Jackson content): Ending April on some low notes!

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    Jan 22, 2009
    I normally don't make a thread for new bass days, etc. I usually just go to the club thread of said bass brand and post there. However, this April has been a special occasion for me for a few reasons bass wise. So I figure why not seize this last day of the month?!

    First of all, just the other week I wound up buying not one, but TWO basses on the same day. This is something I could have only dreamed of in the past.. Though, since I was sitting on quite a bit of gear that wasn't getting any use, as well as usually being a good boy when it comes to not touching my savings.. Well, I was able to pull it off!

    So last Thursday, this 1984 Aria CSB deluxe arrived at my house from Japan. These basses weren't made for long (I was told 84-85), and definitely seem to be the most elusive of all the cardinal series basses.
    0425191501_resized (1).jpg

    Today, I went to pick up my second bass that was just shipped in to my nearest GC from Cali. Jackson JJ bass here, and according to what little info I could scrounge, there were supposedly only a very limited quantity of these ever made (like only around 100). I know only little about Jackson basses from the get go, so feel free to chime in if I may be incorrect on that. This needs just a bit of TLC, looking to swap out the strings for sure, and it may need a new pot for the mid knob as it's rather scratchy sounding.

    Anyway, I think this post is long enough so far. Feel free to ask any questions or if you'd like any additional pictures. Only other thing I've got to say.. looks like I have all my bases covered when it comes to medium scale basses! ;)
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