Double p wiring question

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  1. Teacher


    May 3, 2012
    Hey, all. I've searched here and other places for the answer but didn't find it. I'm planning a double p build and am looking for lots of flexibility. Obviously I'm going to install series/parallel, but here's mu question: would it be worth it, sonically, to install series/parallel switches for each pickup AND the set, or should I just do each pickup OR the set? I'm not concerned about spending the extra few bucks or the extra soldering...I just want the most flexibility I can get, as long as it'll actually make a difference. Thanks!
  2. Cadfael


    Jan 4, 2013
    Germany, EU
    Hi Teacher,

    it is a matter of taste ...
    You can wire your two p pickups in series. It's the same like wiring to Js in series.
    To ME, series Js are "enough" and series Ps wouls be "too strong and punchy" ...

    5 days ago I made the diagram of a "DiMarzio Jazz Bass" (4 coils as yours) with a 5 way rotary switch (with 4 "layers"). The same can be done with a 5-way lever "Super Switch".

    You find drawing 2.3.55 on page 271 (version 3.86 - croll down to find the "Bassschaltungen386.pdf" link):

    Position 1/3/5 are the normal wirings (upper, both, lower PU). In position 2/4 the coils are mixed. So, you get upper EA plus lower DG coil - or lower EA with upper DG coil ...

    Only question is, if you want such combinations - and if it sounds with your bass ...