Double thumb technique?????????

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  1. Can anybody explain me how Wooten's double thumb technique works(i know i should have watched video tapes of his or something plus i missed a seminars of his on april)?If able provide me with some pics or video links or something(porn also welcome but you know what the administrators would say,right?)
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    Search function.
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    I have a video of his double thumb...if you want it..aim me and ill send it.

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    hey, Mike Flynn, nice to see you around here, you've been absent for a while it seems. :)
  6. I know - I'm hanging out elsewhere these days - mainly in London, playing lots - drop me a PM if you like.

    Cheers V

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    Loving the new site design mike! and cool new videos!

  8. Thanks fella - how's tricks in Bristol? - my site was long overdue a redesign - I am desperatekly trying to get round to doing some fresh recordings and shoot some instructional stuff for my site - for download - but I've been ridiculously busy - I now have two pages on MySpace though:

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  9. Man, thanks a thousand years!At last i got it,you know i had a really twisted view about this thing(thought that actually was slapping with your right hand's thumb and tapping with the left hand's thumb but that would be called "dual thumbing" right?He-he).Thanks for broadening my horizons and show me new possibilities.
    P.S.:At last european members
    P.S.2:That's a lot of cd's!
    P.S.3:I see you play a thumb bass too!