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Double Thump Issues!!!!

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by HardRockBass, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. It seems impossible with my huge thumb and hands most people say this is a good thing but i cant seem to get under the string with my thumb...Any body have any tips...?
  2. mutedeity


    Aug 27, 2007
    Try playing very lightly, as though you are using your thumb as a pick. Practice scales and arpeggios as you practice the technique. Use a metronome and get used to the motion. Try not to "dig" under the string but to play through as evenly as possible. Once you have the basic movements you can trying increasing the attack.

    This technique takes time usually.
  3. been at it for a while now and im getting better lol so much for impossible although it takes a hell of alot more stamina
  4. santucci218


    Jan 26, 2007
    Start Slowly.
  5. What bass are you playing? How wide is the string spacing if its a five or six stringer? also how high is the action over the end of the fretboard?
  6. I'm playing a thunderbird...i seem to have got it now i just stopped after about 2 and a half hours i felt i was going to eventually catch carpal tunnel..i've been doing the exercise slowly victor wooten does in his video but so far im good thanks...i think im going to take this far and enjoy it lol (I FEEL SO COOL NOW!!!)
  7. santucci218


    Jan 26, 2007
    I remember when i first actually learned it, and then years later when i could apply it to my playing finally. You may HAVE it but you dont NEED it yet. Wait till it starts to slide its way into your voicing and you will truly be "cool."
  8. I've been toying with the technique for about 2 years, and it still doesn't feel natural. My thumbs are above average size and I find it very difficult and unnatural feeling to POP after the thumb-UP.

    I haven't worked at it HARD or consistantly yet but it is coming along.

    Good luck, and keep us informed!

    - Andrew
  9. BassSlave


    Mar 2, 2006
    Chicago via Park Forest IL
    Endorsing artist: Sadowsky Basses & Dean Markley Strings
    Try using just the left corner of the thumb if you are right-handed and if lefty, use the right corner of the thumb. you only need to get a little bit under the string to get it moving. I also looked at Victor Wooten's thumb up close and it is huge and looks like someone hit it with a hammer, so I asked him how does he get under the string and he told me the same thing. So it looks like I've been doing it right for my style for the past 32 years after all. By the way, my hands are small for a bass player, but I still like to use the corner of the thumb instead of the whole thumb.
  10. I've just recently started practicing and utilizing this technique. I use it for percussive droning effect primarily. I started by playing as though my thumb were a pick and running slowly through songs and patterns I was familiar with.

    My hurdle right now is string skipping and keeping an even attack. Also I find that moving my thumb D,U,D then down on a different string slows me up. I guess in that vein start slow and be aware of what you need to work on.

    If possible, record yourself.
  11. The hardest part I find with this technique is hitting the string! I Keep missing the little bugger!

    - Andrew

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