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double thumping behind the string

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by temple_of_boom, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. since i started playing bass ive been into the whole slap tap thing. when i first seen the larry graham video i started double thumping. i assummed he was thumping behind the string and tried to work this into my playing. then one day i stumbled across a vid of victor wooten double thumping and realized he was thumping on what i would call the top of the string. so i tried to change my style victors way. for some reason i cant bend my wrist that way comfortably and it tears my thumb nail up. i quikly droped all hopes of double thumping till last week when i read a post on four finger tech. which ive been practicing on and off for about a year. thats when i realized double thumping on the wrong side of the string works quite well with the four finger style. what other bassists thump on the wrong side of the string?
  2. mmm. double thumping has noting to do with 2 3 or 4 finger technique.

    Double thumping is only applied in what people call slap.

    it refers only to the thumb.

    double thumping is hitting the string back and forth with your thumb as you would do with a pick. So actually your hitting both side of the string so there's not really a wrong side of the string to double thump because you use both.
  3. double thumping behind the string is alot different than doing it the proper way. four finger style is very crowded using the normal double thumping method. but in a thumb up/ down/index/m/r { behind the string}pattern it flows quite smooth. easy groups of 5 or 8
  4. ah ok Now I understand what you meant
    sorry my bad:D