Doublestick Foam Tape for attaching a Playing Ramp

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  1. Does anybody have any BLACK doublestick foam tape by chance? I love my ramp, but it's black and that white tape on the edge looks pretty tacky :rollno: . I was thinking about just taking a sharpie to it, but that would get those chemicals up on the finish of the bass and with using that edge as a thumbrest and sweat and whatnot, it probably wouldn't be a real good idea :meh:

    I found this, so I know the stuff exists. I just haven't found any small, affordable sizes.

    Anyone got a couple strips? Or an idea on where I could look? Already checked the local drugstore, none there.

    BTW: Took the ramp off today inbetween changing strings, and it did take quite a bit of work (that stuff is STRONG), but didn't leave any residue or marks on the finish - came off nice and clean :)
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    Nov 6, 2005
  3. Awesome - Thanks!!! :)
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  5. Sweetness :)

    I'm guessing I would want the rubber adhesive version?