Douglas Pisces (Tele bass clone)

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    Jul 1, 2010
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    I have been "jonesing" for a "50's" style Precision or Telecaster bass. I was looking at the Squier CV 50's Precision in Butterscotch Blonde (the Lake Placid Blue does not match my idea of old school vibe). I played a LPB one at GC this past weekend, and did not like the feel of the neck. Not wanting to spend a lot of $$ - does the Douglas Pisces deserve a look ? I would want to modify the headstock to more closely resemble the Tele headstock. ------ Any opinions, ideas ?? What if I bought a Squier body, and used a 21 fret Jazz or Precision neck ? This would cover the gap left by the difference in heel shapes - what do you think ??
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    I had a Douglas Pisces. It was a pretty decent bass. The only think I didnt like was the pickup buzzed like a swarm of bees. I swapped it out for a GFS Lil Killer rail pickup and it was dead quiet. It sounded really nice too. The stock pickup sounds pretty good in the Pisces, if you can get past the uzzing.

    I now have a Squier CV '50s P-bass which is killer. I think it's a step up on the Pisces in every way.

    Here's a link to my first impressions of the Pisces from the SX Bass Club Forum in Dec. 2010.
  3. Oh.. Sorry man. I wasn't really paying attention (tired from last night). Why not recommend him the Dillion then? :smug:
  4. Honestly, the Dillion needed a few mods. I'm sure many would say the same about the Douglas, but it's ALOT cheaper.

    That's not to say that the Dillion didn't end up being a decent bass. It took some patience with the setup, but the neck is fantastic. The hardware, not so much.
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    I owned a Douglas Pisces bass and I must tell you:buyer beware.The first one I received had a defective jack so I shipped it back.When I received the second I immediately noticed that the neck is slimmer than a jazz bass so if you want the look and the feel of an original pbass you have to change the neck.Found a luthier to do that but when he was reassembling the bass he discovered that the bridge was located about an inch too close to the neck throwing off the intonation.So I installed a new neck.So what started as a 130$ investment for a cool looking bass turned out to be closer to what a Squier Classic Vibe 50's pbass would cost.Except that Squier does not have them in 3 tone sunburst!!!