DP Custom 5 string for sale/trade $400

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  1. I am selling my back-up bass. It's an early DP custom 5 string. I got this bass in trade last year and sent it back to Dave Pushic (DP) and recently got a beautiful burled maple top and headstock overlay put on it, got the action set and hardware changed out to black. Dave did a nice job, there is no doubt that this is truly a handmade bass. On the burled top the finish shows the burl imperfections as it has a rubbed tung oil finish, it's really cool. The previous owner had also had a metal piece installed on the upper horn to even the weight out, I had Dave remove this and fill the holes and put a strap button higher up on the body instead. If you want to see any of these things in detail, e-mail for pictures. The specs, 35" scale, mahogany body with maple burl top, maple inset/glued neck with single truss rod. Chechen fingerboard, black hardware, mighty mite soapbars, passive, two volumes and single tone.

    Dave Pushic himself can probably answer any questions I can't as he recently did the redo. See his site: dpcustom.com

    $400, no case but I will pack lovingly and double box. I will ship UPS insured and will notify the buyer of costs after we exchange info.

    I would only be interested in trades for six string basses or an Epifani cabinet.

    Check my ebay feedback if you like (slpricemd)

    Here's some pics
  2. New price, $350!!!!