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  1. Wow, i didnt know that you could get a custom bass for such little money, I am thinking about making a 5-string, but i dont know if i should ask for different pick ups and electronics than he has as standard. i was thinking about getting bartolini's or Emgs
  2. how much extra would that cost?
  3. It really depends on which PUs nad/or preamp you get. Email Dave and ask. He's great to work with...

    Good luck!

  4. Is his shop open to customers, i mean can I go there and pick what i want there so i can make a good choice on my equip. I live very close to there so it wouldnt be hard to do.
  5. I think he works out of his home. Also, I don't believe he carries much stock on hand. The best thing might be to discuss with him what you are trying to achieve sonically and let him help.

  6. Getting your designs and spec's together sounds like it is a bit of a mystery to you from your question. If that has you stuck, you could use the "Search" at the top of any TalkBass page, use the search terms "DP", "Pushic", or "custom", and limit your search to the "Basses (BG)" forum to find a lot of info on what some of us have given to Dave for spec's, item by item.

    To answer your question precisely, he'll put any pups on there you want as long as he knows how, (I don't about know him installing optical pickups and other non-traditional designs). He gets a better price on Bartolinis than the average joe-blow bassist wanting a custom. I don't know about EMG's.

    For instance, I ordered and paid for my Basslines pickup and preamp and had them sent to Dave because he doesn't have a source that will give him a price break. But he took care of the Bartolini I wanted because he could get a better deal than I could.
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    Dave Rules...I'm working with him on my 6 custom as we speak.