SOLD Dr. Bass DRB 115 LF Cabinet

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  1. Price:
    For Sale only: Dr. Bass DRB 115 LF cabinet
    300W @ 8 ohm. Dual speakon and 1/4" plugs.
    Line-X style truck bed covering.
    Weight about 35#. If you need the dimensions, I can provide them.

    Great shape with a bit of paint rubbed off of front grill (see pics).
    The speaker is an Eminence Legend CB15 speaker which I installed into a blank Dr. Bass cabinet I purchased from his shop (before all the problems...).
    No tweeter in this cabinet.

    I'm selling off excess equipment in preparation for a house move.

    I'd prefer a local sale in the Northern Virginia area (Leesburg, preferably).
    I don't have a box, so to ship, I'll have to get an estimate for materials, shipping, and insurance to add to the cost. PayPal preferred but local cash works, too.

    IMG_4281.jpg IMG_4278.jpg IMG_4279.jpg IMG_4282.jpg IMG_4285.jpg
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