DR Heartfield neck-thru custom $450 (Fender's answer to Alembic!)

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  1. This is Fender's early-90's answer to Alembic, Modulus, Wal, etc. These were made in Fender's Japan facility, and listed for around $1700 at that time.

    This is probably the cleanest and fanciest one you will find used anywhere, ever.


    -2 active oversized J pickups with Alembic/Wal
    style notch filter electronics. A switch turns
    the active filter off so that the tone control is
    just a regular passive treble roll-off. This is just
    like the Alembic Spoiler system. In passive-tone
    mode, the bass goes from super-bright to super-
    fat. Then with the filter on, you've got an
    insane array of '70's-style notched-wah sounds.

    -5-piece maple/purpleheart neck-thru, with graphite
    reinforcement in the neck and peghead.

    -flamey maple top.


    This is a great-sounding, astoundingly Alembic-like bass with an amazing skinny J-style neck for dirt cheap! No trades. . .
  2. I'd throw in a J-retro stompbox preamp. . .
  3. Neck-thru construction, figured top wood, and Q-filter electronics are the "Alembic" influences I see in the Heartfield.

    It also sounds very, very similar to the 1984 Spoiler I used to own.