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  1. I have to wonder why there are so many more choices when it comes to the different gauges offered with the stainless Lo-Riders compared to the Nickel.

    They don't make a .135, .110, .070, or a .055 gauge nickel lo-rider, yet all of those gauges are available in stainless.

    What's the deal, DR?

    /end rant
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    I've been moaning for years for DR to catch up with the rest of the world and make .135 and up strings. I got tired of waiting on them and switched to other brands. Bass Strings Online has singles available in all those gauges (and bigger!) from LaBella, D'Addario, Dean Markley, Elixir, Ernie Ball, and a few others.
  3. Yeah but the Lo-Riders sound so good! (at least in recordings, I'll be honest and admit I haven't played them myself).

    Used D'Addario Pro Steels for a while. Switched to Circle Ks and that was a big improvement. Now I'm looking around at other brands to experiment with. Definitely more of a nickel guy than a stainless guy.

    Not a fan of Ernie Balls, have tried them for a little bit and heard them on a lot of basses and I'm not a fan. They're cheap for a reason, IMO.

    Don't care for Elixers much either. Not a fan of coated strings in general and the Elixers are overly bright.

    I think I might give GHS a try. I like what I've heard of their pressure wounds.
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    More use the larger gauges in Stainless Steel I guess.

    I'll mention this in my near daily talks with them folks over there.