DR Lo-riders: Right for me?

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  1. Hey guys. I've been neglecting my bass because of school, and I haven't bought strings in a very long time (over 2 years!). I've been searching around and read a bunch of ppl saying the Lo-riders are nice for rock (not heavy metal, just like Metallica, Tool, Alice in Chains, and Chevelle), but they advertise them saying they're the best for fretless. Will they have a nice warm, full tone even with my Warwick Corvette STD 5-string? I'm sorry if this seems dumb, I'm just so out-of-touch with my bass. :( Thanks a lot! :D

    BTW, this is going through my Hartke 3500 into an Aguilar 112 is this makes any difference.. lol. Thanks :D
  2. Yeah, I think so. Hi-Beams (which I use) have a brighter tone (they're steel), but if you can get your hands on a set of heavy-guage Hi-Beams, you might want those for a really, really, really growly, deep, rock tone. They also mellow out with age, and are really warm with treble pot rolled back. I dunno, but I like them.
  3. That sounds exactly what I'm going for. I'll go grab a set of those. Thanks for the suggestion. :D
  4. Sweet. Let us know if those work out for you. I've had mine for about 8 months now, and I still like them (good for slapping, too).
  5. I just got them in today. I'm getting my bass setup, so I'll let you guys know my opinions on these when I get my bass back.

    BTW- I couldn't find heavy, so I got mediums. They're the same size as what I have now. Is there a big difference in sound with the smaller string?
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    Probably just a little more zingy. Mostly the difference is in the feel.
  7. I just got my bass back with these installed. They're awesome. Nice full tone. The balance string-to-string is crazy. I'd recommend these to anyone. :D :bassist:
  8. Do it! Or he'll kickuintheballs! :p
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